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Sat, Jan. 27th, 2007, 11:24 am

This whole break I've been in my own plane of existence.
Highs and lows man, highs and lows.
I've been kinda bumming on the fact that patty has been in hawaii the whole damn break.
Staying true has been a challenge of challenges, but I managed to persevere. She gets back today and I'm picking her up from the airport. She was talking about how she wished she had a dress form last semester so I found her a dress form on craigslist and picked it up today. I think she'll be happy with it.

School started yesterday. There's a whole ordeal that's now involving the cops, but I went in and talked with them and they understand where I'm coming from. It's complete crap, but I managed to finally get an english class that fits with a working schedule.

Speaking of working schedule I'm going to be starting a career here shortly. An actual career. This is elite. It's going to feel good to back in stylish uniform.

I feel like I had an epiphany last night. I was playing guitar and I busted out this song book that I hadn't touched in days, but it was my mom's when she was trying to learn in the 70s. I'd been going through it a bit (it has awesome songs in it) and usually when I'm reading the guitar tab websites I learn one thing and it's like a synapse igniting but so many things made sense that it was like my minds eye was in a blizzardous flurry with particles of understanding spontaneously combusting all around me. hahaha- it said i spelled that wrong so I changed it to a u instead and then it suggested that I spell the word "cum busting." (me = easily entertained)

I'm also looking for a place. I found a couple that were AWESOME and a couple that sucked ass
the awesome one was at the rockaway beach cove in pacifica. right on the beach, but it was 900. which it was worth it, but crap.

Also, Does anyone know about how to do non-profits?
I've been wanting to open a non-profit for a while that specializes in getting homeless people jobs by training their interview skills and especially helping them dress for success. For the longest time I've been complaining about the homeless problem and getting pissed at them for not helping themselves, but i had a conversation with a guy the other day that didn't realize how important image is. He really wanted to turn his life around and didn't realize that he could go to the goodwill and get a suit for under $5 that would land him a job.

Sun, Jan. 28th, 2007 03:40 am (UTC)

dude! where are you working?!

Tue, Jan. 30th, 2007 11:54 pm (UTC)

that is yet to be decided.
right now i'm narrowing my options as to what field i want to go into and how abouts i want to go about it.

how's la?
i read your post on steves' journal. what sort of extracurriculars are you doing?