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Tue, Jan. 30th, 2007, 02:41 pm
thoughts of and about smokin aces

so. last night. went to see the late showing of smokin' aces.
i read the comic they did on the website and i was like okay, gotta go see it.
so i called up the patricia and was like yo baby, you me, smokin aces.
she was uh that's on the bottom of the list of movie i was to see.
and i was like WHAT?! this movie's going to have tons of violence, random acts of surprising wtfage, and more violence. what's not to love?
and then i realized what i was saying.
it delivered all those things and more.
i can't believe cole was in that movie!!! (jay kay homie)
but i mean seriously, what the fuck was with that goddamn kid?

i called it halfway through. one part i had no idea about, but to be as vague as possible to not ruin it for you i got one part. the other was a curveball thrown out of the neighboring soccer field.

why didn't the guy shoot them in the stairwell?!?!
jeezus man. yeah, love was in the air and you can't shoot people who raise the love content in the air, but garg i want more fucking violence.

kids are cool. when i have some they're going to be awesome.
whenever i give them toys i'm going to tell them that they come alive whenever they're not watching them and that if they don't lock them up in the storage bin before they go to sleep there's a 70% chance that they'll be killed.

i'm looking at this place tonight. kris, lex, and i might be moving to a 4 bedroom in pacifica.
that'll be awesome. then i'm going to this hiring arena for sales and management.
it'll be interesante.

i have so much shit i need to do right now. crapsticks.
it's been lovely chatting with you. we shall speak more on the morrow. or the morrow after that.